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Hashtags, captions and social media: An experiment using open AI


If you're someone who loves taking pictures but are lazy to post them on social media, you're not alone. Many of us have been there. But what if there was a way to make posting on social media easier and more fun? That's exactly what I decided to experiment with by using openAI to help create hashtags and captions for my posts.

The experiment began few month ago. I enjoy taking pictures but often don't post them on any social media. I wanted to change that and post more frequently in order to reach more audience, but lacked the motivation. And also, finding good caption and hashtags are pain. Like how to do you even decided on that? I turned to openAI to find some answers

I experimented with finding popular and viral hashtags based on location, theme, and social media type. I also used openAI to generate nice captions to go along with my photos. The results were positive, and I was able to reach a good number. I decided to take this experiment further.

Last weekend, I decided to create a project that would provide users with a UI. Users could log in and answer a few questions about their post's theme, location, and social media type. Once they submitted this data, they could see several relevant captions and hashtags. Users could also choose from many hashtags and captions provided by the tool.

I am relasing this project tomorrow, It will be free to use for the first 24 hours. However, after that, I plan to add a paywall as APIs are not free. If you read this post before 10am CEST, 18th April 2023, "You have early access, enjoy :D". You can access it here:

Overall, this was pretty fun experiment. If you're struggling to find captions, hashtags or just want to reach more audience on your social media, this tool may be worth trying out.

I don't have tiktok so I experimented on Instagram, also because I already had an account there. As of writing this post I have ~5K followers. You can follow the experiment here: @lifein_germany (hopefully I will keep posting more pictures)